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BIEN Toilet Stool


The BIEN Toilet Stool allows you to sit on your toilet with your knees above your hips allowing you to pass your stools more easily and with less effort! The puborectalis muscle wraps around the rectum and acts as a sphincter-like mechanism, forming a U-shaped sling that creates an angle between the rectum and the anal canal. This angle, known as the anorectal angle, helps to keep your poo in until its time for a bowel movement! When it's time to defecate, the puborectalis muscle relaxes, allowing the rectum to straighten and let your poo out.

This muscle is most relaxed in a “squatting” position - or when your knees are above your hips. In sitting there is a more acute angle pulling on the rectum and therefore more effort and strain is required to open the bowels. This is where the BIEN Toilet Stool comes in - allowing you to use your toilet, but assisting the pelvic floor to completely relax and open.

Benefits of using the BIEN Toilet Stool include:

  • Reducing haemorrhoids
  • Reducing bloating
  • Reducing straining
  • Emptying the bowel more completely
  • Reducing strain through the pelvic floor
  • Reducing prolpase
  • Reducing the time spent on the toilet
  • Helping to have a more satisfying poop!

*Please note: This product cannot be delivered to a PO box or internationally.

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