Are dilators right for me?

BIEN Silicone Vaginal Dilators have been designed to be used by individuals who are experiencing painful intercourse, pain with tampon use or with medical exams like pap smears or after gender affirming surgery as part of their post-surgical protocols.

They are used to stretch the pelvic floor muscles and/or desensitise the vaginal mucosa. Contraindications or reasons to not use dilators include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Active vaginal infection including pelvic inflammatory disease

If you wish to use vaginal dilators in these circumstances clearance from your treating health care professional should be sort.

Indications or reasons to use BIEN Silicone Vaginal Dilators include:

  • Vaginismus
  • Pelvic floor muscle spasm
  • Vaginal narrowing or pain with intercourse post-menopause
  • Vulvodynia
  • Vestibulodynia
  • Pain with penetration or tampon use
  • Vaginal changes or pain after radiation treatment
  • Post-surgery for gender affirming surgery
  • Vaginal stenosis and Vaginal atrophy 

 Check out our full Dilator Guide for more information on dilators and dilator use. 

** This is not intended as a substitute for individual medical advice. Always speak to your health care practitioner prior to starting any new form of treatment.