Episiotomy and perineal scar tissue massage with a Pelvic Floor Wand

Perineal tears during childbirth can lead to scar tissue formation, which may result in tightness and restricted mobility in the area. Therefore after 6 weeks it may be recommended that you begin perineal scar mobility and stretching.

A Pelvic Floor Wand can be used to assist with stretching perineal tear scars by providing a gentle and controlled method for targeted stretching and provide better access than a finger alone. Watch the below video for details on how your Pelvic Wave - Pelvic Floor Wand can assist. 

You can also use Vaginal Dilators for painful and tight perineal scar tissue postnatally and this can be particularly useful if you are experiencing discomfort with returning to intercourse. You can read more about perineal tearing and scaring and how dilators can assist here