How to use a Pelvic Floor Wand?

The BIEN Wave - Pelvic Floor Wand can be used to treat tight and painful pelvic floor muscles both vaginally and rectally. We have specifically designed the wand to be able to reach the deep pelvic floor muscles in a shape that mimics a therapist’s finger, so that you can continue your treatment at home.

Who is suitable for a Pelvic Floor Wand?

The BIEN Wave - Pelvic Floor Wand may be useful for the following conditions and/or treatment:

    How to use the BIEN Wave - Pelvic Floor Wand

    • Wash your Pelvic Wand in warm water and dry prior to use
    • Find a place that is private and comfortable and decide which end of your wand you want to use. The rounded end can be better for first time use and the more pointed end can be better for more precise and deeper trigger point therapy
    • Place a generous amount of water based intimate gel/lubricant on the end of the wand you intend to use, and ensure that the first 5-7cm of the wand shaft is also lubricated
    • Lying on your back with knees bent and relaxed out to the sides, bring the wand to the vaginal entrance. Take 3 slow deep breaths, allowing the belly to rise and fall with your inhale and exhale
    • Slowly insert the BIEN Wave Pelvic Floor Wand into the vagina with the C-curve facing down towards your anus
    • Once you are inside the vagina you can begin sweeping the wand from left to right finding any points of tenderness or pain
    • When you find a point of tenderness, hold moderate pressure on this spot and breathe deeply and keep your pelvic floor and hips relaxed. Once the discomfort has passed you can move on and find another point of tenderness
    • Repeat this process in as many areas as you need. You can complete this treatment daily, or as directed by your treating therapist

    Tips for making your Pelvic Floor Wand use more effective:

    • Pick a time and place when you know that you won’t be disturbed
    • Try having a warm bath or shower prior to use
    • The goal of using a Pelvic Floor Wand is not to cause yourself pain. Mild to moderate discomfort or pain (<3/10) should be adhered to
    • Avoid applying too much pressure to the pelvic floor, aiming for a firm pressure, similar to that of checking the ripeness of an avocado
    • Use plenty of water based gel/lubrication on the wand, as well as on the vulva and vaginal opening. Do not use silicone or oil based lubricant.

    Using your pelvic floor wand works best when a holistic approach to pelvic pain is used. Find below some useful resources that may assist in your pelvic health journey.