What is Vaginismus? How do you treat it? What role do dilators play?

In this video you will learn about vaginismus, how the pelvic floor plays a role, how dilators work for treatment and how to choose the right size dilator, how to insert dilators pain free including how to progress through dilator therapy.

Vaginismus is estimated to effect 1 in 10 women in Australia yet is often under-diagnosed and left untreated. Vaginismus can be described as recurrent or persistent involuntary spasm of the pelvic floor that interferes with sexual intercourse or other types of penetration. It may limit your ability to insert things into your vagina like tampons, fingers, vibrators/dildos, or a penis. It may also cause painful gynaecological examinations.

Symptoms of Vaginismus may include:

  • Pain or inability to use tampons or other menstrual products
  • Painful intercourse often with tightness, burning or stinging.
  • Pain or inability to use a vibrator/dildo internally
  • Penetration being difficult or impossible
  • Pain during gynaecological exams 

You can learn more about vaginismus here.