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The BIEN Wave - Pelvic Floor Wand - Lavender


The BIEN Wave - Pelvic Floor Wand is a tool that can be used to treat a variety of pelvic floor conditions. It can be used as a massage device to treat tight or painful spots on the pelvic floor both vaginally and rectally, as well as to stretch and desensitise scar tissue such as episiotomy scars or perineal scars post child birth. Using a Pelvic Floor Wand can encourage pelvic floor relaxation and blood flow as well as being useful as a feedback device for pelvic floor muscle training. 

It may be useful for the following conditions:

About The Bien Wave - Pelvic Floor Wand: 

We have specifically designed the wand to be able to reach the deep pelvic floor muscles in a shape that mimics a therapist’s finger so that you can continue your treatment at home. We have also ensured that the neck of each end of the BIEN wave is tapered to be thinner than the rest of the wand as this is the section of the wand that will be at the vaginal or rectal entrance during treatment, therefore making usage more comfortable.

You can learn more about how to use the wand and techniques that may be useful here


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