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BIEN Australia

Silicone Vaginal Dilator - Size 7


The BIEN Australia Silicone Vaginal Dilator - Size 7 may be appropriate for someone who can use tampons and insert a finger or sex toy comfortably into the vagina but is having discomfort with intercourse in certain positions or with certain movements. It may also be suitable for someone who is aiming to maintain vaginal canal size in the case vaginal narrowing post radiation treatment, menopause or after gender reaffirming surgery. The size 7 dilator is also available in the full set and large set if you wish to progress through sizes as part of dilator therapy. 

The size 7 dilator is 15.08cm in length, 3.36cm in diameter and 10.55cm in circumference. 

With pelvic pain conditions in mind, BIEN dilators are made of medical grade silicone and custom tailored to have the silkiest, smoothest, and most comfortable feel possible.

For best results use in combination with our water based intimate gel, specifically designed to replicate the texture of naturally occurring (fertile) vaginal lubrication.

For more information about vaginal dilators and how to choose the right size for you, click here.

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